Brand Licensing Consulting

Develop your licensing strategy to include “Permission to Play” research and financial projections. We will develop a new product development guidelines to help protect your brand. We can evaluate your existing licensing strategy to find ways to improve, grow or restructure for economic efficiency.

Brand Licensing Representation

L2i will represent your brand and seek out appropriate partners for your brand or idea. We will lead the entire process from prospecting to signing the deal. If needed, we can also manage the entire licensing program to include product, packaging approval, testing and verification services.

Patent Evaluation

Once your patent is filed, we can help evaluate the patent and give suggestions on the best way to monetize the patent. The service is provided for free and can help the inventor think about all of their options before investing in the business. Click here to submit an invention.

Patent Sales

If the inventor is looking to sell a patent, we can help develop the strategy and execute the plan to monetize the patent. We would handle the entire process and would not get paid until the sale is complete