Product Launches

At L2i, we take the time to listen to each business plan and develop a tailored approach to the market. No cookie cutter approach or use of templates. To be successful your business has to be unique and better then the competition. You need an agency that build on providing a competitive advantage, not a theoretical business school plan

Commercial Strategies

Commercializing your product is the hardest part of the process. We will develop a strategy to sell your product from hiring a sales force, manufacturing representatives or e-commerce.

Digital Marketing Strategies

Digital marketing is the most efficient spend but needs a structured approach to stay within your budget. We will evaluate your marketing goals and help develop a digital marketing strategy that meets your needs.


Inventor/Start Up Business Plan Development

We are a start up so we know the process well and can help inventors take their ideas and turn them into a business plans. We can help draft the business plan, financial projections and identify funding options. We will help develop an incubation strategy to help accelerate the launch of the business or product

Innovation Funding

L2i can develop you a strategy to get your invention noticed in the marketplace and develop strategies to get the required cash to start your business. From licensing to crowd funding we will explore every option to get your product to the marketplace.