Success Stories

The nCamp™ brand and its products are the result of a unique collaboration between Dan Cuffaro and John Cunningham. Cuffaro is an Industrial Design Professor & Department Chair at the Cleveland Institute of Art. A product development professional with over 20 years of experience, he holds over a dozen patents. Cuffaro owns the product patents for nCamp™, while Cunningham has helped to create the nCamp™ brand. L2i manages the brand and holds exclusive rights to marketing and sales of nCamp™ products.

nCamp™ is focused on making camping better by enabling anyone to experience the outdoors, to tread lightly, and to venture far. Its mantra—make it compact, reduce weight, & elevate the experience— complements its tagline: pack small, adventure BIG! To show commitment to its mission, nCamp™ will return 1% of its profits to organizations that support getting people outdoors, preserving and restoring the natural world, and promoting conservation-related programs.

To meet the needs of a growing number of campers, backpackers, and other outdoor recreational enthusiasts, nCamp™ has designed an alternative to portable stoves currently on the market. Development of the nCamp™ Wood Burning Camp Stove began in the winter of 2016.  The first version will be available for retail sale in August 2017.  The Stove will significantly reduce bulk and weight for backpackers as well as allow them to use natural fuel sources found on the trail. Over the next 2 years, nCamp™ plans to make additional practical outdoor products.

The nCamp™ Stove will be packaged and sold in specialty outdoor recreation retail markets, through Amazon, Ebay, and other e-commerce resources, and via the nCamp™ company website.

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